2021 Proposal

The MyHome proposal to ACT Ministers contains three requests:

inclusion in the 2021-22 budget of $1 million for design and documentation of the MyHome units and shared facilities;

inclusion in forward estimates for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 budgets of funds for construction and fit-out of the MyHome buildings; and

collaboration in three streams of work aimed at fulfilling in the next twelve months the key conditions for committing construction funds.

The proposal can be accessed here: 21 03 16 – MyHome in Canberra – proposal to ministers and its attachments are:

      1. MyHome Att A – brief for indicative development plan for Curtin site
      2. MyHome Att B – model of care (drafted in 2017)
      3. MyHome Att C – Plan for Further Community Engagement
      4. MyHome Att D – draft business plan
      5. MyHome Att E – financial spreadsheet – (i) inputs
      6. MyHome Att E – financial spreadsheet – (ii) MyHome
      7. MyHome Att E – financial spreadsheet – (iii) funds
      8. MyHome Att E – financial spreadsheet – (iv) notes
      9. MyHome Att F – evaluation proposal.

    Note – the draft business plan has since been revised.

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