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Donations to MyHome in Canberra since its start in 2014, including from fund-raising events, have reached about $50,000.

Some thousands of dollars have been used for publicity and organisation, and more recently for redesigning our website. We have also committed to pay substantial amounts for professional advice from KB West Advisory, and for part of the cost of an indicative development plan for the envisaged site of MyHome in Curtin.

The proposal we have made in March 2021 to the ACT Government involves setting ourselves a much greater fund-raising task in the year ahead, in order to establish a back-up fund sufficient to ensure that operating MyHome after its construction will be viable for at least ten years.

Annual Information Statements for MyHome in Canberra have been submitted to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) for each recent financial year up to 2019-20. They include data for income and expenditure and balance sheet summaries. They can be accessed at our page on the ACNC website.

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