About – Benefits to the community

MyHome in Canberra will deliver significant community benefits.

The establishment of MyHome will provide major benefits to individual consumers, their carers and loved ones, and the community at large. Among these will be the increase in awareness and ownership of the problems experienced by people with an enduring mental illness. When established and operational MyHome will:

  • enable residents to improve their mental and physical well-being
  • provide residents with greater opportunities for social inclusion, self expression and development;
  • increase opportunities to develop community connections;
  • reduce pressures on families, carers and other relationships;
  • reduce the burden on resources of mental health teams, hospitals and emergency services;
  • reduce mobility and homelessness of residents;
  • reduce disruption to study;
  • increase and enhance employment opportunities for residents;
  • build a community caring about our most vulnerable improves community spirit, community ownership
  • improve the quality of life for residents and encourages independence in a supported environment
  • reduce stigma of mental illness
  • educate schools, community groups through volunteering at MyHome and by doing presentations to various groups in the community
  • provide holistic care to residents with complex needs.

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