We are calling on members of the ACT community to join us in an exciting project – MyHome in Canberra.

MyHome in Canberra will make a lasting difference in the lives of people living with an enduring mental illness who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, or who live in unsuitable accommodation.

Inspired by the highly successful community-based initiative HOME in Queanbeyan, our project seeks to create a place where people can live independently and with dignity, and still get the support they need, through live-in carers and links to other programs and services.

Our residents will find a safe, caring and respectful environment that focuses on recovery.

Their accommodation will be of a high standard but affordable.

Latest news

10 Oct 2021

Annual General meeting 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of MyHome in Canberra Inc. is to be held at 5.30pm on Thursday 25 November. All our members and...

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20 Mar 2021

MyHome proposal sent to ACT Ministers

ACT Ministers were sent on 16 March a detailed proposal for implementing the commitment to MyHome in Canberra. The MyHome proposal and its attachments...

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12 Feb 2021

Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System recommends community-based care

This Royal Commission reported in February 2021 after nearly two years of work, in five substantial volumes. Here we focus on just two of...

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Our vision

Our vision is to provide a safe, supportive and caring home for people who have enduring mental illnesses which make it difficult for them to live independently, and who as a result are currently homeless, at risk of homelessness or in unsuitable accommodation — for example, those living with very elderly parents.

Where are we up to?

The Uniting Church has offered to include housing units and facilities for MyHome in Canberra in developing a block of the Church’s land in Curtin, if MyHome can source capital funds for construction and present a business model for a viable going concern.

So the MyHome team’s aim is to prepare a comprehensive basis for the ACT Government to provide the capital funding needed to construct MyHome.

In parallel the MyHome team will intensify consultations with the Curtin community, and seek corporate, philanthropic and community donations to back up the operation of MyHome.

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