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Our vision

Our vision is to provide a safe, supportive and caring home for people who have enduring mental illnesses which make it difficult for them to live independently, and who currently are homeless, at risk of homelessness or in unsuitable accommodation – for example, those living with very elderly parents.

MyHome in Canberra will be based on the successful model of HOME in Queanbeyan, but with a model of care tailored to meet the needs of the Canberra community, and funding arrangements incorporating NDIS support for individual residents.

Our goal

Our goal is to establish MyHome in Canberra at a suitable location as soon as a development proposal can be formulated and enough financial support gathered.

The Board’s present focus is a site in Curtin which the Uniting Church has offered to MyHome on concessional terms as part of its development plans for the property.

The Board has a plan for reaching this goal, but we need further support and assistance from the Canberra community as individuals and in organisations, the corporate sector, mental health carers and the ACT and Federal Governments.

In due course, if MyHome succeeds as we expect and if there is evidence of further needs of the same kind, we shall work to replicate the MyHome model at additional sites in Canberra.

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