About – Governance

The present Board members are:

President         Shukry Sahhar

Deputy President    Matt Jackson

Treasurer         Charlotte Russell

Secretary         Graham Braden

Member            Evan Mann (representing Uniting Church)

Several associates assist Board members on particular tasks, such as the recent needs survey and this website.

The Board plans to seek additional members during 2020, after the report of consultants from Paxon Group who were appointed late in 2019 by ACT Housing to review the models of MyHome and others.

It envisages becoming an Operating Board which, in conjunction with the Uniting Church, will supervise the building and fit-out of MyHome and then manage its operation, if necessary through an agreement or contract with an existing community organisation.

Click at the following points to see the Presidents’ reports for our Annual General Meetings in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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