Tribute to the late Murray Haines

30 October 2019

From Shukry Sahhar, President of MyHome in Canberra –

Murray Rex Haines was a member of the MyHome board and provided an invaluable contribution towards mental health services.

Murray was born on 13 November 1942 and passed away on 22 August 2019.  He was an architect and a sculptor.  He was a regular volunteer at the Calvary Hospital Mental Health Unit where he sat, listened and supported those in need.

Murray felt that with the right support and the provision of permanent accommodation that was both safe and secure, people suffering from long-term mental illness could be reintegrated into society.  He advocated care for the most affected rather than just those who were a little different.

Murray prepared the initial drawings for the proposed residences and the total complex on the Curtin site. Three of these drawings are shown here.  This helped people visualise what the units may look like. Planning on the site has changed and the final concepts will be different, but his early concept will no doubt inform the final design.

Thank you, Murray, for your contribution to the work of MyHome in Canberra.


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